Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wisdom of Crowds: The Truth About Content-Driven Collaborative Learning Spotlight Presentation at ISTE 2010

Presented by: Yvonne Marie Andres, Global SchoolNet

Internet Projects Registry: Over 3000 archived projects and many more upcoming projects you can join. You can also post your own projects to find collaborators.

Organizations that run collaborative projects: Global Schoolnet, sigol, iEARN, ePals, CILC, Taking it Global

Different types of collaboration:
  • Pooled Data Analysis: collection of data at two or more sites
  • Social Action: action-orientated, multicultural humanitarian projects that seek to accomplish beneficial results in specific locations
  • Information Exchange: Collect and exchange information on a specific topic or theme: animals, etc.
  • Travel Buddy: The exchange of one or more stuffed animals or toy characters, i.e. teddy bears or Flat Stanley
  • Sequential Creation: classes create something, text, photo album, etc and pass it along to be added to in a sequential fashion
  • Electronic Publishing: product creation by numerous students in different areas, such as a newspaper or shared stories, etc.

Collaborative Tools: don't put an emphasis on the tools because they change. Ex. Photo Show, Google Aps, Twitter, Facebook YouTube, Wikipedia, Edmodo, Sakai, Meez (create student avatars)

Facebook in Education: problems with IT Departments blocking many applications. If you can show a specific purpose (ie Fairfax Public Schools Facebook Page)
Photoshow: can broadcast in some states around the US
Collaborative Learning Centre:  List of many places to start and to run a project

Filtering is Critical: Don't Get Side-Tracked

Audience Favourites:
  • Voice Thread
  • Ning
  • Skype
  • Popplet
  • Diigo
  • Wiki

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