Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gadgets for Everyone - Leslie Fisher - ISTE 2010

Link to the handout/presentation on Leslie's site: handout
Gadgets, gadgets gadgets: Here's my notes on Leslie's quick lowdown on some cool tools and gadgets to check out...

Some cool Web2.0 tools:
  • - allows you to set-up an event and allow people to register online
  • Google voice - you get a google phone number that you can then attach to the number. You can then ask it to call certain number at home, office or cell depending on what number you want them to call you at.
  • simply send your travel info to the website and put it together for you that you access it on your phone
  • - take a free twitter account and use goodies, then widgets to run an rss feed on Twitter to your home page
  • Tweetdeck - allows you to control multiple account
  • Remember the milk ( allows you to organize your to-do list
  • - use to take notes and then synchronize between all of you devices. You can even do text recognition
  • Etherpad/ - live session you can play back
  • - simply send the zamzar account to submit a file or URL that you can have converted and then downloaded
  • - allows you to set up a free account and post videos live as they happen

 Data protection/back-up:


Images on the web (free use/copyright compliant):
Audio, video portability:
  • Pinacle pctv HD prostick
  • Eyetv hybrid
  • Sling box - personal media server
  • Netflix streaming - instantly deliver video to your tv
  • Boxee
  • Logitech harmony one - universal remote that is smart
For humour:

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