Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mobile Wireless Devices That Empower Engagement, Learning and Assessment at ISTE 2010

presented by Chris Dede, Chris_Dede@harvard.eduwww.gse.harvard.edu/~dedech
(who now feels like he looks like a 35 year old device called "the little professor")

ISTE Outline from the program

co presenter: Marie Bjerde, VP Qualcomm

Dede was part of the U.S. 2010 Educational Tech Plan
The plan talks about learning, assessment, teaching, infrastructure and productivity.

Mobile Wireless Infrastructure - what does that mean? - There are many mobile devices and there are many more to come. From small cell phones to large e-books & ipads.

There are many problems in 1 to 1 in schools:
  • They only hold a charge for a short amount of time
  • They take time to boot up
  • They are heavy to carry around
  • They don't know where they are (location aware)
Cloud Computing - Mobile Connected Devices on Multiple Networks

There is a migration to Cloud Computing. Students are the first to understand and discover this infrastructure. This would be meeting them on their own terms. Next Generation Interfaces for Immersive Learning are multi-user virtual environment.

Wireless Reach - a global initiative - 56 projects in 26 countries that strengthens social and economic development.
Mobile Opportunity provides 24/7 connectivity in learning- as we see 24/7 connectivity in business.

Project K-Nect, Wireless Social Networking and Teaching Enhances Student Math Development: Education that has students partner, execute and innovate.  This was in North Carolina where students did math activities using modules loaded on cell phones to help boost engagement and retain or absorb information.

Wireless Reach - The Friday Institute: Building Learning Progress Profiles for Rational Number Reasoning with Socially Networked Devices.

San Diego State University: Mobile Learning A Community Engagement Project (Bernie Dodge)

High Tech High, Blended Learning with 24/7 Connected Devices - focussed on Project Based Learning

Alliance for Digital Equality: Learning Without Walls - One-2-one laptop program in Atlanta

School in the Park: Augmented Reality Enables Students to Explore New Worlds: Dr. Patrick O'Shea, Price Charities, Sandiego Museum of Art, Schools in the Park

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