Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creating Student Sleuths - Primary Source Investigation (BYOL) at ISTE

Presented by:
Stevie Kline, Intermediate Unit 1- klines@iu1.k12.pa.us
Joyce Mason, Canon-McMillan High School - masonj@cmsd.k12.pa.us

Welcome and link to resources used during workshop: Jog the Web link

Primary Sources Help Students:
  • ask questions
  • acknowledge various points of view
  • establish the context for historical events
  • allow the discovery of evidence
  • see cause and effect relationships
  • compare and contrast evidence
  • understand continuity and change over time
  • consider and recognize bias
  • question the source of the information
  • realize the importance of referencing multiple resources
How do our students become sleuths?
  • LOTS & HOTS: Interactive New Blooms  Romano and Gates Blooms.ppt
  • Lots (Lower Order Thinking Skills): Remember, Understand, Apply
  • Hots (Higher Order Thinking Skills): Create, Evaluate, Analyze
 Intro to the US Archives website and an activity with a speech by FDR about the Declaration of War Against Japan on December 8, 1941 and then showed the revised version with FDR's changes written on it. in handwriting . The feeling you get from the primary source was very powerful.

We used WORDLE to analyze text. We also posted our own poems on Wall Wisher.

Using Digital Vaults: Over 1200 digital images and content to make a movie or a poster. It encourages creativity and historical thinking. It has a powerful image connection tool and gives you links to primary sources.

We used the Digital Vaults at the US National Archives to create a poster or a video.

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