Monday, June 28, 2010

iPod Touch/Phone/Pad Application Support Group with Leslie Fisher

ISTE Program Overview

Presented by: Leslie Fisher
Link to the handout/presentation slides: handout

New app website to check out where they review and talk about the newest apps.

A community forum to check out is called where you can post and discuss apps. They also have a section for educators.

Leslie's Tips:
Running out of juice for your device? Check out battery chargers from Kensington, Solio or Mophie Juice Pack for charging on the go.
  • Take screenshot by holding home button and then touching the top button. It will end up In the photo roll.
Apps to check out:
  • Saisuke is a calendar app to sync with google calendar
  • Soundpaste
  • Twitteriffic, Twitterlator
  • RTM- is a to do list manager - app is expensive though
  • Dropbox for file sharing - I personally love this one and use it all the time
  • Ustream - there are 3 different apps: viewer, record, etc
  • Ivideo camera that let's you share your videos online
  • Smugmup, flickr, blossom, for photo sharing
  • Location services- looped, foursquare, gowalla
  • Mapping applications- around me, geocaching, my poi's, motion GPS Drive
  • Shazam - figure out the song for you
  • Sportacular pro- track games
  • Yelp to find stuff around you
  • Fast Food Premium
  • price checker
  • Babelshot
  • Jibbigo - audio translate
  • Run pee mobile- tells you what you missed in the movie while you were away
  • Words with friends- scrabble online with others
  • Proloquo 2 go - replaces special ed program
  • Istudiez pro- keeps track of what you are doing in the classroom
  • Newsrack and instapaper
  • Good reader - shows you everything on your accounts
  • Ocarina
  • Audio Boo
  • Pandora
  • Ballonimals
  • Iridim flares
  • Dragon dictation
  • IMagnify
  • Read it later
  • Bookmark
  • Gflash cards
  • Flash card touch
  • Flashcard deluxe
  • Roller coaster physics
  • Motion x GPS
  • Crazy machines
  • Ireward
  • Istudiez pro

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