Tuesday, December 15, 2009

K12 Conference: Options for Building Your Teacher Website and Why YOU Should

On Tuesday, I will be giving an in-service to some of the teachers at my school to help improve and build their websites. With that in mind, I came across this 20 minute presentation by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn that was made last week as part of the 2009 K12 Online Conference. Cyndi's presentation offers a quick overview of what to include in a website and what free tools are available on the web for teachers who are interested in building their own websites. For more information about the presentation, visit Cyndi's supporting links on her webisite.

Here's the presentation:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We won the Best Buy "Best in Class" Contest

Today, my Grade 7 class and I were happy to accept a gift card from Best Buy worth $20,000 for our video and technology proposal we submitted to the Best Buy "Best in Class" Fund. I wrote about our submission in October on my blog: My Life, our Future - Ma vie, notre futur. If you haven't already checked out our video, please do! My students are very proud of our collective writing project. We were one of 15 classes to be awarded with this prize from across Canada.

We are planning on making our classroom virtually paperless with the purchase of a class set of ipod touches, netbooks for all of the students to use and recording equipment so that we can have our own weekly podcast show. Stay tuned to see what we will create with all of our new technology. We are very excited to go shopping and to get started on our new learning adventure in 2010.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

KI2 Online conference 2009 - The iPod Touch in Education

I have noticed lately that the information that I have posted about using the iPod Touch in the classroom is quite popular. For those of you who have been searching for more information about how to use these devices in an educational setting, you're in luck. Today, while viewing presentations in the KI2 Online conference 2009, I came across a short presentation by Kern Kelley on how to get started with the iPod Touch and the different educational applications that are available.

You can view the presentation here:

You can visit the links to the information in the presentation here:

Monday, December 7, 2009

KI2 Online conference 2009 - Getting Started Keynote - The Wizard of Apps

I didn't have time this morning to attend the live session of the K12 Online conference. Fortunately, you can watch the presentations online when it is convenient for you.

The keynote this morning was very well done. It was presented by Joyce Kasman Valenza and was entitled "The Wizard of Apps". This presentation featured "a sing-a-long" portion where high school drama students sang songs about the importance of web 2.0 applications to the tune of songs from the Wizard of Oz. The presentation itself is full of great Web 2.0 apps available for teachers to use in their classroom and Joyce does a great job explaining how these apps have been used in an educational setting.

The presentation can be seen here:

The slides can be found here:

For more information and links mentioned in this presentation, visit: newtoolsworkshop.wikispaces.com

For more information on the K12 Online Conference 2009, visit: http://k12onlineconference.org/