Monday, June 28, 2010

Explore Web-Based Geospatial Learning Tools with National Geographic Education - BYOL Session at ISTE 2010

Session Outline from ISTE Program

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Presented by: Patricia Norris, National Geographic Society with Sean O'Connor

Session Outline: Explore new interactive mapping tools on the redesigned NG Education website! Engage with data layers and investigate mapping, GIS, and other geospatial technologies.

Session Order:

1. Introduction to the mapping portal on the National Geographic Education website.

  • Content: Describing how to navigate the site to access rich mapping resources and related learning materials, emphasizing the variety and usefulness of the mapping tools.
  • on top right of the application, click Mode to open a menu and select Outline, then click on the United States and a new tab should open.
  • You can draw your state and then see if you got it right.

2. Hands-On Activity: Exploring the Mapping Portal
  •   Content: Audience participants move through specific tasks that can be accomplished within the mapping portal, including accessing spatial data layers on the interactive map, customizing black-and-white outline maps, searching for geo-referenced content, and exploring galleries of map images and their related content.
  •  We then explored the interactive maps to see the layering or transparencies for elevation, climate, etc. You can make traditional map legends come to life by turning on different layers and see the relationships between them.
3. Hands-On Activity: Exploring FieldScope - Used for Analyzing Data
  • Content: Audience participants upload data to NG Education’s citizen science mapping and data analysis application in order to view and analyze data on a map.
  • Enter data collected in the field to compare data collected by students. Engage students in learning about local geography.

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