Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saskatchewan IT Summit 2010 - Cool Tools Duel - Dean Shareski and Will Richardson

Who do you think has the best list? 

Here are their lists:

Shareski's picks:
  • Picnik : online photo editing without installing anything with links to Facebook & Flickr
  • Map a list: Use a spreadsheet and map it out (two tools to work together to visualize data)
  • Posterous: email them a text, photo, etc and the site emails you back a url you can link to later.
  • Tubechop: chop You Tube videos to only use the parts that you want
  • Geo Greeting: Pictures of buildings that spell out your message around the world. 
  • Big Huge Labs: Photos can be made into many things - puzzles, cards, posters, etc.
  • Dropbox: Online file storage that stores things and easy to access from any computer (My new favourite tool that I use all the time!)
  • Team Viewer: Simple way to get limited access to someone's computer for a limited time to help fix their computer or set up remote access.
Richardson's picks:
  • Evernote: online note taking - capture text, audio and video
  • Skitch: Screen capture and editing tool and post it to the Skitch website or own Flickr page or Evernote
  • Jing: Screen capture program: able to put a screen capture with a video dialog and mix them together into movie that you can later post online.
  • Mindmeister: Mind Mapping Tool online and add links, etc. and then share it with others through collaboration
  • Read Later: To save things from online and read them later using Instapaper
  • Readability: Strips out everything but the text and picture
  • Elluminate: 3 seats free for a video conference or online class (also check out learncentral)
  • iPad: Apple product that changes the way we think about mobile computing.

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  1. Team (not teen - ha ha) Viewer has to be my new favorite thing...as it will be with anyone who has a parent calling for help! :) I have to say Dean won.