Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Digital Footprints

Thanks to my PLN on Twitter, I received a tweet with a link to a video that a number of people in my network were watching tonight. When I followed the link, I found a very informative presentation made by Alvin Trusty at the Ohio Ed Tech Conference earlier this year entitled, "Developping a Digital Footprint". Thank you for sharing your presenation online, Prof. Trusty!

Alvin's explination about how to protect your name and reputation by posting good, professional content online is very well done and I think it is an important presentation for everyone to watch. Even if you are not an educator, I think you should watch it as it provides many useful tips and insights into the digital footprint you may or may not be leaving. The presentation runs for almost an hour, but it is an hour well spent!

Link to material in his presentation:

After watching this presentation, I think I will have to check out some of his others. Happy viewing!

Web 2.0 Never Forgets - Developing a Professional Digital Footprint from Alvin Trusty on Vimeo.

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