Tuesday, May 4, 2010

IT Summit 2010 - Will Richardson - Connective Writing

Will Richardson
Connective Writing: Building Learning Networks Through Links
http://weblogged.wikispaces.com/Connective+Writing ( http://tinyurl.com/njnwp)

Big shifts:
  • Publishing (push button)
  • Multi-media
  • web linking to write
  • Connecting/Sharing

Writing in linked environments: using weblinks when you write. Use links to connect with others (to encourage interactions with other authors).

Tracking what happens to our text. See who has read it or linking it to their blogs. Sense the impact of our work on our readership. This makes writing a very different beast than it ever has been. No more writing for a teacher or a grade. You are writing for a wider audience, not knowing who they are.

Different ways we write:
  • Texting
  • Blogging
  • Wikis
  • Social Bookmarking/Notes
  • Twitter
  • Audio and Video
What is connective writing:
"...the ability to publish in a variety of media with the intention of connecting and sharing it with others who have an interest (or passion) in the topic." Will Richardson

Process of collective writing:
  • Writing starts with Reading about something that makes you think. Blogging is reader response (This is a conversation)
  • Collective writing in real-time using public pad wikispaces.
  • Discussion about grammar and spelling - potential role for one of the writers or to use the tools available to correct spelling.
  • Evaluation - make rubrics with your students to discuss with students.
  • Real-time publishing environment: Coveritlive.com is a great tool to cover presentations or speeches that provides an automatic embed code for a blog. Also has a chat feature that comes with it.
  • Blogger introduced as a way to easily start blogging.
  • Discussion about nuances in writing. Dean Shareski suggested Grammar Girl to investigate further.

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