Monday, May 3, 2010

Keynote - Saskatchewan IT Summit 2010 - Bernajean Porter

Bernajean Porter: All Technology Uses are NOT Equal: Accelerating High-Yielding Practices

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High School Science: a video where a student explains the results and process of a science lab.

(Elbow Buddy: Person to discuss a question with)

Clear expectations are required by the teacher at the storyboard level: criteria at the beginning of the assignment (part of backwards lesson design planning)

Game Changing Video (Future Outlook): Wired - Informed::Optimism

Deepak Chopra: author of Ageless Body Timeless Mind

What are we pretending not to know?
Media Specialist: important to student achievement due to their coplanning role and ability to manage information and techniques being used in the building.

Problem right now with students not being able to use credible sources: what will they do when they have to think for themselves outside of the classroom? We need to be able to teach them the skills that they need to manage to be critical thinkers and manage in a media world - good from bad - how to be skeptical.

Father Guido: video: A Place Called School
5 Minute University:
Where's the stickiness of what we are learning? How long do we remember something?

How do we get them ready for a world we can't imagine?

Integration is: The goal is not just to use it - go past the stuff - look for the new story not just the stuff they used to make it.

Story 1: PBL in a Grade 5 History Class: Good Things: Primary Sources (they had to make sense of them), Standards/Outcomes - student choice in what they wanted to learn guided by the curriculum, Data Management, Collaborative Learning and Planning, Teacher being a learner too, Whoever is doing the most work is learning the most.
Concerns: Time (Integration of subjects gives you more time) You need to be able to unpack it to give grades in different subjects.

Story 2: Tech Plan: New Computers: Software Programs - It is about using the stuff not how we are using it.

Learning Spectrum: Where's the Flashlight?
Literacy: Technology, Stories, Tool Skills
Adapting: Same Stories, Consumers (learning about stuff, not just using stuff)
Transforming: New Stories, Producers

Information Consumers (Lower on Bloom) - Information Producers (Higher on Bloom)

It is not about the tools, it is about the questions: cash in on the technology's potential not just use the technology.

The challenge: Not doing something with technology but to ask what are the higher uses of technology?

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