Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Saskatchewan IT Summit 2010 - Skype in the Classroom by Kimberly Brown

Kimberly Brown, Teacher, Regina Public Schools

Video: How to use Skype (install video) (by howtodothe.com)

Project highlights - How to connect 80 schools around the world. - The power of making connections.

During a call: Give students jobs:
Greeter: Welcomes the new audience (script prepared in case they are nervous)
Host: Asks some questions and some dialogue is started.
Teacher is prompter on the side with questions and recorder on the side.
Researcher: answer questions (look them up if we don't know the answer)
Speakers: asks questions

Develops speaking skills (during call) and writing skills (blogging before and after call)

Ideas to use Skype in a classroom:
  • Connecting with experts
  • Author Study
  • Local politicians or community leaders
  • Special projects: IB Programs, Olympics, Special events
  • Online educators - get calls on the computer instead of getting called at home (remain anonymous)
  • Reading books in common with other schools and use Skype and Blogs to discuss and interact about the book.
Enjoyed skyping with Kim's class and hearing why they like to Skype.

To make up for differences in time zones, the students sometimes come in early and stay late.

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