Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IT Summit 2011 Cool Tools Duel/Mash-Up by Dean Shareski, Alec Couros and Hall Davidson

Here's a link to last year's duel between Dean Shareski and Will Richardson: 2010 Cool Tool Duel

Cool Tools Duel by Dean Shareski, Alec Couros, Hall Davidson

Who is the winner of the tool duo? Poll Everywhere: bit.ly/itsummitvote
To submit your favourite tool - bit.ly/itsummitshare

Hall - Camstudio - Screen Capture Video

Alec - Tin Eye - Visual Search

Dean - ClassTools.net - Random Name and Word Picker

Hall - YouTube Mobile - Go to your youtube settings, mobile video uploader email address so you can email content right to your account or give it to others filmonthefly.org

Alec - WiTopia - To let you be from other states so that you can access stuff around filters. Costs $60

Dean - Google Search Stories Video Creator - Online video creator using live searching

Hall- Make the World's Best Webcam from Broken Camcorder by hooking it up to your laptop and it lets you zoom using the camecorder's more powerful zoom.

Alec- DropMocks or min.us - lets you upload photos and share them with others without creating an account.

Dean- MPEG streamclip - Squared 5 MPEG Streamclip lets you convert video into a useable format

Hall - Google Body - (TSA Camera using a bluetooth camera but only works in chrome) - bodybrowser.googlelabs.com

Alec - Storify- lets you see what is being said about anything you like and using the editor you can make it into a video. i.e. IT Summit - you can make it into a story

Dean - iPad App - Talking Tom - can be made into a video that you can upload and share

Hall - Blabberize - Lets you upload a picture and make them talk.

Alec - Synchtube - Lets you watch a video at the same time as others so you can watch it together

Dean - Let me Google that for you - Creates a video of you typing something into Google

Hall - Power Points into Movies - Save your powerpoint as a jpeg and then make them into a movie using movie maker or you tube. You can find power points from others using advance search and look only for .ppt files on a particular subject. Jamendo.com to add music

Dean - Stumbleupon - Lets you find interesting things that other people have tagged with things that you are interested in. Searching by tags.

Alec - crocodoc - let's you upload a document and add visual annotations

Hall - 45x Microscope with Camera A/B app (Lets you watch an iPhone camera on an iPad)

Dean - iMovie - lets you create a movie trailer that gives you a story board/shot list to help you figure out how to film your movie.

Alec - Aviary - Myna - lets you do online audio editing and provides some loops for music creation.

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