Monday, May 9, 2011

IT Summit - Transforming Digital Storytelling with the Infusion of 21st Century Skills

Presented by representatives from Saskatoon Public, J. Byers, J. Berthelot, J. Salikin

Today's Meet

What a classroom has become. If you are doing what you always did before with new tools, then you don't need the new tools to do that. What we need to do is transform what we are doing and then support that with new tools.

Does using a word processor improve writing? Used Poll Everywhere to get audience input.
Link to handout to how to use word processors to improve the writing process: Techy Teacher

The learning spectrum - Literacy- learning the tools for the tools sake - level 1, Adapting the technology for learning sake (doing the same thing with new tools) - level 2, Transforming - We want the students to be producers - Level 3. Students go from being a consumer of information to a producer of information. Difference between open and closed questions. Quoted from Bernajean Porter.

We are moving from the "about" type questions to open questions. Students demonstrating that they understand the information and can present it in a new way that demonstrates deep thinking. More resources for Photostory.

It is not about the technology, it is about the learning. A highlight of ISTE's NETS for students. Teachers don't necessarily teach better just because they know technology. It is about the teaching.

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