Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IT Summit - Tuesday Morning Keynote - Michael Wesch- Remixed Schools: Creating Learners in the 21st Century

Tuesday Morning keynote. Micheal Wesch: http://mediatedcultures.net

Students are finding it hard to find a connection to the classes they are required to take. There's something in the air that allows everyone around the world to connect using a variety of web apps. Trying to find From knowledgeable to knowledge-able. How to we move students towards this making education relevant in their lives.

The world is on fire - we need students to work together to solve the dire problems of our world. 

"Technology allows us to create connections without constraint. This has both positive and negative consequences."

Search out "Numa Numa" on Youtube for an example of world collaboration.

We express: individualism, independence, superficiality
But we value: community, relationships, authenticity
This creates a cultural tension- connection=constraint

Is learning only really all about acquiring information? What is learning all about? We only trust authority for good information that is beyond discussion because it is authorized information. Can authority be granted through discussion? example: Wikipedia

Transformations in Learning: 
"Receptive knowers" - Just taking in information
"subjective knowers" - Don't just take in information but discuss and filter information that they are taking in.
"procedural knowers" - ability to dig deeper and knowing more about the topic - "seperate knowers" - distance themselves from the subject at hand vs "connected knowers - making connections to the topic
"constructive knower" - develop the capacity of "what is" thinking develop participatory thinking.
Other source to check out: http://transformativelearningtheory.com

Knowledge-ability is a practice - we need to create an environment where this is practiced through a cycle of communication, empathy, and thoughtfulness.

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