Monday, March 2, 2009

Universal Design for Learning

My cousin sent me this link on the weekend. It is the keynote from a conference that was put on for teachers in BC called "Reaching Every Student in the Digital Age: A Showcase of Universal Design for Learning." Dr. David Rose from the Center for Applied Special Technology was the keynote speaker. The BCTF has now archived the webcast. You can find it at the bottom of this web page:

If you not had a chance to see Dr. Rose speak on the Universal Design for Learning, it is a great opportunity to learn about it.

I know that this is a long presentation (over 2 hours), but well worth listening to! On the website, you can either watch all or part of Dr. Rose's presentation.

Here are a few things I got out of it:
  • I enjoyed Dr. Rose's comparison of the different note taking styles in his class at Harvard. Very good example of collaborative learning and differentiated styles of note taking.
  • The explanation of the brain and the demonstration of what the brain looks like while it is learning new things was very interesting. MRI technology is fascinating.
  • The sharing of the CAST website was very useful for differentiated learning using technology. I'm particularly intrigued by the Book Builder function of the site.
  • The curriculum, in its current printed in black and white state, is what is disabling for students. A renewable, ever evolving curriculum would be better able to serve the needs of all students making it more universal.

I hope it generates some discussion. I found it very worthwhile to watch.

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