Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digital ePortfolios Presentation at IT Summit 2009

Presented by: Michelle Morley and Debbie Ivanochko

Session Link: http://gssd.ca - k-8 online resources - Presentations

My notes:
Three parts to the portfolio:
  • to show growth
  • to show a achievement
  • to show competence
Digital literacy portfolios are a way of presenting individual student work that is stored in digital form.

Sharepoint was used to host the eportfolios.
If a teacher logs on, they see all of their students.
If a parent logs on, they only see their child's work.

The Benefits:
  • Provides a richer view of a child's learning.
  • Provides an explanation of learning expectations.
  • Increases communication with parents.
  • May assist in the providing information to Student Services Coordinators.
  • Assists in the assessment for and of learning.