Monday, March 23, 2009

Smart Board Presentation at the 2009 IT Summit

Integrating Smart Board Into What You Are Already Doing
IT Summit: Morning Session
with Milissa Gavel, current administrator and former teacher using Smart Board in the 5/6 classroom from Davison School in Melville, SK

Notes from presentation on Smart Boards:

Web links:

Davison is a “Smart School” where each classroom has a Smart Board

Senteo Interactive Response System demonstration

SMARTboard resources on website

Demonstration of using numbers board to demonstrate the use of the smart board to represent a number.

Demonstration of how to do collaborative editing

Demonstration of slides, flips and turns

Demonstration of collective sentence building

Demonstration of doing location on a map of Canada – naming the provinces and territories and making Canada into a puzzle

Demonstrating Locking feature of Smart Board and screen shade and spotlight use on web.

Demonstration of use of virtual protractor to measure angles available in gallery feature of Smart Board for resources
- smart education shortcuts to lessons.

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