Saturday, February 19, 2011

Learning and the Brain 2011 - John J. Ratey

Keynote III: Countering the Cyber Life: Getting in Touch with Our Hunter-Gatherer Genes
John J. Ratey, MD - author of Spark

Plato: we need a meeting of educational and physical self

Hunter Gathers - If you did not run, you did not eat
These are activities that we need to force or think about now.

Evolution teaches: sitting, sitting, - the person at the computer

Adaptation, Moving, Learning - the front part of the brain grew to help us move. The evolution movement - that which we call thinking is the evolutionary internalization of movement.

Our genes made us do it - they drive us to load up on calories and take it easy - they want us to only use what we need and conserve the rest for later.

Children who are normal weight, are 30 points smarter when they are older than children who are obese at 4 years old

Resilience is just a silly word - helicopter parents take care of everything for their children - they blame or excuse everything for their children.

You are 7% smarter when you stand up.

You can get that resilience next year - parents who blame play time or physical activity time and excuse them from participating.

Imagination playgrounds that promotes active play at recess
In schools with more fixed playground equipment, children were less active.
In schools with more portable equipment, i.e. balls and tricycles, children were more active because children have to be more creative and come up with their own games.

Everyone gets a trophy - just for showing up - You need to learn how to fail, to learn from your mistakes, adjust the rules, solve the problem and get up and play again

Stuart Brown's book  - Play

Play and Exercise a way to develop resilience, tenacity, persistence and commitment.

brain chemistry - exercise is like a mix of Ritalin and Prozac at the same time.

PE4Life - mandated PE and are to become more physically fit to help get the brain working - 45 minutes a day of fitness driven PE

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