Friday, February 18, 2011

Learning and the Brain Conference 2011 - Marc Prensky

Teaching Digital Natives - Partnering for Real Learning
Marc Prensky, MBA
Games to Train (Develops software)
Author of Teaching Digital Natives
Keynote #3 - Learning and the Brain Conference 2011
February 18, 2011
San Francisco, CA

Look at life from the perspective of students - what do they want and need?

"Brain Based" Learning? - Learning vs Teaching

Neuroscience - has potential to steer educators in wrong directions. What is the right mix of learning strategies and the Right Motivation to learn? The context of education has changed - don't try to bring back what has worked in the past. Previously, for students, the past was similar to the future. Now, for students, the future is different from the past.

"The perfect storm of change"
In our student's lifetime, technology will become one 1 trillion times more powerful. - The Multi Uses for a Cell Phone

Verbs vs Nouns = Skills vs Tools

Presenting - Powerpoint
Communicating - email
Learning- wikipedia

Verbs stay the same but the nouns change rapidly.

The digitally wise person requires digital tools because there are things our brains do well but that machines do better. Wisdom in the 21st century is a combination of both.

Where we share the work
- Students do what they do well: use tech, create, finding content
-21st Century teacher is the coach, guide, partner by being able to ask good questions

Better pedagogy is needed in the form of partnering between students and teachers. Teachers are tools in education. We need to implement 21st century tools by focussing professional development on changing pedagogy first. We need to create an environment where students are teaching themselves with their teachers guiding and coaching them along the way. Leturing and technology as a combination does not make sense. It is like a runway crossing a highway. (airport in Gibraltar)

Final point: We need to change how we teach and what we teach because the context around the kids is changing.

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