Monday, June 29, 2009

SMART Research: Building Collaboration Between Teachers and Library Media Specialists

NECC Session: SMART Research: Building Collaboration Between Teachers and Library Media Specialists
Rachel Yurk (Gr. 6) and Tony Heinowski (Library Media Specialist)
from Wisconsin

My notes on the session:

Example-engagement of students- using Smart Board to present about themselves – What happened on your birthday?
Presenters used pull tabs during presentation

Understanding by Design
Begin with the end in mind
Engage students so they can uncover ideas
Stages of Backward Design (Grant wiggins and Jay McTighe)

Six Facets of Understanding (when students are reading or doing research)

Student Research Tools of Today:
Video Conferences
Jog the Web – (Start lesson with) uses screen shots so students know what they will be looking at when they go to the Library Media Centre website. ( Shows students what they will be doing on the web. Can provide passwords, recommended websites, how to log-into world book, Royalty free music for schools.
Google Earth Investigations -
Skype Conferences (video, chat and interviews)
Library Print Media

Collaboration Tools for Teachers
Google Docs – (Use Understanding by Design template to collabrate with teachers to add questions and resources based on expertise of contributor)

What “ends” do you have in mind?
Lets Play American Idol! - Student led presentations:
Voice Thread
SMART Notebook Presentation
Museum Box
Power Point Presentation
Teaching Copyright and Plagiarism
interactive document you can use to demonstrate the rules
You quote It, You Note It! -
using a screen rewriting copy and paste into own words

Make step-by step directions for instructions that students can refer to.
Insert questions into the document for students to test their understanding of the document.

Tips for Smart Board and Web Searching:
Searchasaurus for younger students to search on the internet.
Balloon popping to reveal information and pictures.
Hide and cover text on Notebook slides.
Make up multiple choice questions on cards to answer during presentations.
Turning blocks to answer questions.
Integration of Excel into Notebook

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