Monday, June 29, 2009

The 10 Best Free 2.0 Tools for Educators

NECC09 Presenation: The 10 Best Free 2.0 Tools for Educators

by Steve Dembo, Discovery Education Network

Links to his presentation, notes and contact information:


My notes from the presenation:

What is Web 2.0?

  • Entirely Web Based – you don't need to install software

  • Interactive – something to do when you go there

  • Plays Well With Others – allows you to move content (mix and mash)

    1) Bloglines (

  • keep track of all your favourite blogs, news, searches and more

  • all the news comes to you and you don't have to waste time going to check out all of your blogs

  • Plays well with others – see what others are reading

2) Delicious (

  • Put your bookmarks online

  • Keeps it simple and does this well – that is why it is possible

  • Look at other people's bookmarks and see what they have saved and subscribe to their bookmarks

  • Use tags to categorize topics or subjects

3) Share Tabs (

  • share your links as tabs

  • type in a number of sites and then gives you a page with the tabs to click on

  • preview a number of websites with thumbnail photos of the website

4) (

  • Online drop box – phone it, fax it, email it, text it, upload it, share it

  • 100 MB for free

  • use for podcasting by phoning in your audio

  • gives you the embed code and link

5) JayCut (Beta) (

  • Full video editor online

  • publish behind a firewall and keep private and you don't have copyright issues

  • you can download it to your computer or online

  • unlimited space is available

  • multiple users on one account

  • is a favourite converter

6) Edmodo (

  • twitter or microblogging for educators to be use for school

  • can be behind a password – can be public or private

  • can organize it by class

  • send messages through filters to any number of classes or users

  • can have a public or private calendar

  • version 3.0 will let you embed audio, video or online tools/plug-in

  • zemote on twitter

7) Poll Everywhere (

  • mobile phone supported classroom polling

  • use text messaging to respond

  • 30 votes for free per poll

  • account polls – use 10 at a time to download as a powerpoint and have live slides

  • you can have a computer or laptop to respond to poll

  • twitter integration for more feedback

8) xtra normal (

  • online animator in 3-D

  • text-to-movie

  • supports different languages by changing language settings – you type in the language and it pronounces it in that language

  • establishing shot enabled – choosing a camera angle

  • choosing animation of the movie

  • rendering (creating) takes some time before it is ready

  • publishing then allows embed code

9) livestream (

  • allows for live online streaming video and computer sharing

10) prezi (

  • easy to interact

  • no slides, just a list of windows linked through a tag cloud.

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