Sunday, March 28, 2010

iPod Touch in the Classroom - List of Resources & Ideas - Part 1

I've had a number of requests to share some of the resources and experiences I've had using the iPod Touch in the classroom. I have accumulated quite a few links in my Delicious account, but I thought that I would list some of them here for easy reference. As this is an ongoing project, this is only an initial list with more to come. I hope to include more first hand experience in the next couple of weeks once my students have produced some content that I can post here to showcase some of the things that we are doing.

General Reference and Ideas (Apps, etc):
iPod Lesson examples:
  • Paula White - Grade Three Math centres using iPods: A series of three blog posts by Paula White who talks about student generated math centres to showcase using iPods in their classroom: Station 1, Station 2, Station 3
  • iPod Touch Project - a site set up to document an iPod Touch project in Epsom Primary School in Australia that includes numerous lesson examples of ways to use these devices in the classroom. The blog on this site is the best part.
  • Lesson Planet: iPod Touch lessons : Example lessons incorporating the ipod touch in a variety of subjects and grade levels.
  • Mini Microphones - I purchased one of these for each of my ipods and they have proven to be one of the most useful accessories so far. My students can record their thoughts while doing research or brainstorming. They read books for their reading buddies to listen to. They record the audio for their podcasts. They can conduct interviews to gather information. They are easy to use and simply plug into the earphone jack of the iPod and are ready to go. There are a number of apps that use a microphone and in a classroom, the purchase of an inexpensive microphone is essential.


  1. What a fantastic set of ideas and links. I will be getting 15 ipod touches over Easter so will be having a really good look at your blog.


  2. Check this out ... a distance learning professional development course on the iPod Touch. Follow this link ... to find out more about it!

  3. Here are some examples of students using iPod Touches in the classroom. There are links to excellent educational apps too-