Saturday, March 14, 2015

2015 RCSSD EdCamp Smackdown & App Smash

During today's RCSSD EdCamp, Katia Hildebrant, Kelly Christopherson, and I closed the morning's learning and sharing by presenting an "App Smash Smackdown".  Here's a list of apps we shared:

Joanna's Apps:

IFTTT (IF This Then That):

DIY (for Kids)
  • A safe place for kids to learn and share in a monitored social network that allows for parent and educator access. Earn badges for skills mastered.
  • Platforms: iOS, Web
  • Link to find it: DIY Website
  • Classroom Connections: DIY for Kids - Do Challenges, Earn Skills
ChatterPix and ChatterPix Kids
  • Students can record themselves speaking using pictures of their choice.  Make an inanimate object have a voice or make your pet talk.  Might help reluctant talkers to express themselves through the talking picture.
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Link to find it: ChatterPix Website
  • Classroom Connection: Kids Create Talking Pictures with CatterPix Kids

Katia's Apps:

  • This app allows you to record a short video and then layer interactive widgets over it to integrate live socialmedia streams, photos, maps, and other multimedia.  The person watching the video can interact with the widgets while still remaining in the video.
  • Platforms: iOS, Windows
  • Link to find it: TouchCast Website
  • Ideas to get started: Add Interactive Elements to Videos with Touchcast

  • Make augmented reality work for you. Scan your picture come to life on your device.
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Link to find it: Aurasma Website


  • Build online portfolios to showcase student learning and reflection.
  • Platform: iOS, Website
  • Link to find it: FreshGrade Website

Kelly's Apps:


  • Curation and annotation tool for mixing and sharing your work and anything from the web.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
  • Link to find it: Pearltrees Website
  • Classroom Connections: Kelly's Pearltrees
  • Communicate with others via voice and text anywhere on any device.
  • Platforms: iOS/Android
  • Link to find it: Voxer Website 
Bonus apps:


  • Pre-write your tweets and live tweet during a presentation or event. Great for ensuring links and other information is correct without having to do it on the fly.
  • Platform: iOS
  • Link to find it: Backdraft on iTunes and Purdue's News about Backdraft 

  • Manage and monitor your social media presence across more than 35 popular social networks in one dashboard.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
  • Link to find it: Hootsuite Website
  • A simple app that allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. Can be used by students to demonstrate understanding and can be used by teachers to create flipped lessons.
  • Platforms: iOS
  • Link to find it: ShowMe Website
  • A productivity app that allows you to organize all of your projects in one place. From writing lists and notes, to curating resources, to recording audio to sharing your work on the fly through presentations, Evernote is a multi-platform tool to keep you organized.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Window, Mac, Web
  • Link to find it: Evernote website
  • Classroom Connections: 6 Uses for Evernote in the Classroom
  • A photo editing app that works with your Evernote account. This app allows you draw and write on your pictures which can be handy if you are trying to annotate a screenshot and give instructions to students.
  • Platforms: iOS, Mac, Windows
  • Link to find it: Skitch Website
  • Classroom Connections: Protect Student Privacy by Using Skitch

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