Monday, May 6, 2013

IT Summit 2013 - Ewan McIntosh - Design Thinking: Developing a Generation of Problem Finders

Monday Morning Keynote - IT Summit 2013, Saskatoon

Ewan's blog:

Creativity... is it something we are born with or is it something we can learn?

Asked everyone to sketch their partner as a warm up. So much fun! There are some very talented wanna be artists at this conference this morning.

How to sketch a human head:

What defines quality teaching? What qualifies as quality learning? Wanted to find the perfect algorithm by trying to blend the best of the creative industry and the best from the classroom and blending them together to create perfect learning.

Students like respect when they take up the challenge and responsibility to collaborate and come up with common learning problems. Making learning real and relatable for them. That way they can take their learning and transfer them into their own learning and relate them to their own world and their own experiences.

In terms of real things, we can tap into our students' own creativity - use a I Wonder Wall where students and teachers can ask questions.

Curriculum mapping allows teachers to map out the curriculum and see where students are at and what they already learned and where they are going. Students can see why they are learning something and where they are going. It organizes thinking, allows for deeper understanding and really allows students to understand the why.

Problem Finders - you need to find a problem that no one has solved and try to solve it.

Making provocative titles - Seven Days to Save the Mill, Playtime is Cancelled, You are not on the list so you can't come in. These are then taken and mapped out with the curriculum to showcase thinking.

Students have difficulty asking higher order questions because they are rarely challenged to ask these questions - Googleable/Non Googleable (an unGoogleable curriculum)

What can we do to make learning relevant to students? The Why We are Learning This.

What is your process? design thinking - immersion - synthesis - ideation - prototyping - feedback

Can we make learning joyful?

John Hattie - "Know thy impact"

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