Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cool Tools for Successful Collaboration

This morning, I had the pleasure of co-presenting with Erik Van Dusen to high school teachers from Winston Knoll, Balfour and Thom about ways that we can use online tools to share resources and collaborate.

Despite working for the same school division, Erik and I have only met a few times in person. We have had many interesting discussions and shared many resources online through Twitter. In the expanse of a few short months, he has become a valuable member of my PLN. Our presentation itself is a great of example of how the tools we presented today can easily be used for online collaboration by anyone. In fact, our entire presentation was built online using Google Presentations and discussions were had using Twitter to finalize what we were going to say and how we were going to present it.

We gave the same presentation three times as the teachers from the three schools were organized into similar subject groupings. It was really interesting as an outsider from the elementary level to hear about some of the innovative ways teachers at these three schools are integrating technology into the classroom.

Unfortunately, if you didn't attend our presentation live, you missed out on our witty dialogue. But fortunately, if you would like to view our online slide-deck and see what we talked about, please check out one of two options:

A link to our presentation built using Google apps with easy to follow links:

An embedded version of the presentation here for your viewing pleasure:

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