Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Totally Cool Google Tools

NECC Session: Totally Cool Google Tools

by Tammy Worcester

My Notes:

Google Tools

  1. iGoogle page – personalized portal for information
  2. Blogger – as many blogs as you want with push button publishing customized to your style and needs or wants.
  3. Gmail – use to log into your google account
  4. Google Documents – allow anyone to edit, share or use the document
  5. Google Forms – make up questionnaires or gather information and have it input directly into a spreadsheet. This form can be located on a website or embedded on a blog,
  6. Show summary – google spreadsheet will graph or count your information and display it for you. Use one form with blanks and a name blank
  7. Backwards Google to prank a colleague – elgoog
  8. Google Maps – type in an address and use the “search nearby” to locate hotels and restaurants and have it send it to your phone's text
  9. Google Calendar – Use as a day planner for lessons and assignments – view as agenda
  10. Google Alerts – search your name as it appears on the web.

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